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tomorrow. same time, same channel. an update on the tragic mine explosion in west virginia, the deadliest u.s. mining disaster in 26 years, 25 miners dead, four still missing, screen left, you see the microphones set up for the morning briefing, we expect that within the hour, good morning, everybody, that's where we start, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom" and welcome back to martha. martha: good morning to you, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this massive explosion ripping through what is known as the upper big branch mine and it happened during a shift change yesterday. we're just learning that this mine had six violations , dealing with ventilation issues alone, just this year. that is since january. last year, the mine faced 48 what are called unwarrantable failure orders which are considered quite serious. among the dead in yesterday's blast, and we're learning all of these individual stories now as it comes to light, in one situation, three members of the same family, an uncle and two of his nephews who were all working together were found in close pr
>>> tragedy. 25 dead, four still missing in a west virginia coal mine in the worst u.s. mining disaster in decades. >>> tiger's take. tiger woods prepares for the masters after facing the media at augusta. >> i take full responsibility for what i've done and i don't take that lightly. >>> and on top of the world. duke's blue devils beat the butler bulldogs for their fourth ncaa title. >> and duke is the king of the dance 2010. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, april 6th, >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, april 6th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. a coal mine explosion in west virginia has killed at least 25 miners at a coal mine with a history of safety issues. it's the worst mine disaster in this country since 1984. at least four other miners are missing, trapped more than 1,000 feet underground. the rescue operations at the upper big branch mine have been suspended due to a buildup of methane gas. the explosion struck the mine yesterday afternoon. steve dunlop has more. >> reporter: siren
grumman picked virginia over maryland as its new home for its global headquarters. in the "washington post" this morning one maryland lawmaker said that the state is more gay-friendly than virginia, trying to lure northrop grumman to our state. northrop wins awards for gay rights. virginia is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> 6:53. the u.s. supreme court announced yesterday it will hear arguments on whether states have the power to regulate violent video games. back in 2005 california law prohibiting the sale or rental of such games to minors never took effect because the industry immediately challenged its constitutionality, after winning two rounds from the lower courts. the entertainment software association is confident the highest court will side with them as well. >> it should be treated just like movies, music, books and other forms of media. that there's a first amendment constitutional protection to the great games that are made by our industry. >> the parents should be responsible for what their kids have especially when it's violent or anything other than pg-13. >> the gaming
and sad day in moncoal, west virginia, where at least 25 coal miners lost their lives after a massive underground explosion. four miners are still missing, but rescuers were forced to call off the search for those miners temporarily this morning because of high levels of methane gas. inside studio 1a in new york, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and msnbc's tamron hall. natalie is on assignment. >> as we've been reporting, this is the worst coal mining disaster in a quarter century. the blast occurred 3:00 local time, but safety officials say the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating methane gas which of course as we all know is highly combustible. >> there are, however, air-tight chambers inside the mine stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for trapped workers to survive for up to four days. meantime, president obama is offering his condolences and any federal help that west virginia may need to deal with this disaster. >>> let's get a little more on the situation now from nbc's ron mott in naoma, west virginia near the site of the accident. ron, good
>>> breaking news. the search is called off for those still missing in the deadly west virginia coal mine explosion. we'll bring you the latest from the scene. >>> a contrite tiger woods opens up as he gets set to return to golf. >> i lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people. kept others in the dark. rationalized, you know, and i lied to myself. >> and march madness comes to a fitting close. >> almost went in! >> as duke holds into beat butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, april 6, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. we're in montcoal, west virginia, just a couple of miles from the big branch mine which is the site of this terrible disaster that happened yesterday afternoon. good morning, maggie. this is just maybe one of the saddest places in america this morning. there was so much hope yesterday afternoon and as the evening hours turned in to early morning hours, we are faced with a disaster of significant proportions. >> i know, harry. 25 peop
>>> good morning. breaking news. they're in. rescue crews have entered that west virginia coal mine to resume their search for four missing miners and it could be just hours before we know what happened to them. we're live at the scene. >>> air scare. a major security incident on a united airlines flight from washington to denver. fighter jets scrambled, other airlines alerted of a possible terror attack. turns out it was all apparently caused by a passenger smoking in the bathroom. >>> and one big step. president obama and his russian counterpart sign a landmark treaty overnight to slash both countries' nuclear arsenal. a key move toward the president's goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons "today," thursday, april 8th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. this morning there has been a major break-through at that west virginia coal mine where at least 25 workers were killed in monday's explosion. >> that's right. after spending more than a day drilling ventilation hole
started this morning with a complicated car wreck. in virginia, the debacle is on 395 now. this is northbound near glebe road with an accident that has been moved into the far right lane. only one line -- only one lane was getting for but delays are out of newington to get past the pentagon. it is much better in maryland where we go live. no problems reported on 270 and no delays on a sunny day on come >>> temperatures are in the 50's. the forecast for today calls for increasing clouds of this afternoon and huge showers later this night. it will be cooler and receive for the weekend, highs near 60. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what drives us to engineer the world's first hybrid sedan powered by a compact lithium-ion battery? what drives us to create a hydrogen electric car that emits only water? and to build a vehicle that earned the world green car award. and to engineer bluetec clean diesel technology. what drives us is the desire to create not only the best cars in the world, but for it. announcing the s400 hybrid. a cleaner, safer future is what drives
rescuers and crews in west virginia are venting deadly gases to rescue operations are get under way for the four minors still missing from the worst u.s. mining disaster in a quarter century. 25 miners died in monday's explosion. massey energy has a wide history of safety violations. for more on this story we turn to msnbc's norah o'donnell live with the story. norah? >> reporter: good morning. today is the day we may learn the fate of those four missing miners. the governor of this state said yesterday that we may know between 12:00 and 2:00 today whether those four bore holes they are drilling more than 1,000 feet in the ground to try to ventilate some of that methane gas and carbon monoxide out, whether that's been successful. it will take the rescue teams, once they determine it's safe, four to five hours to reach an area 20 feet wide and barely tall enough to stand in, that's where they believe with 90% certainty these four miners are trapped. they are hopeful, of course, for a miracle, hoping they are alive. as the governor said yesterday, the odds are long. we heard yesterday
is in montcoal, west virginia. she's been covering the story. norah, and good, we have your live shot up. any late information on the fate of the four? >> reporter: only that the news has gotten more grim overnight. a federal safety official saying the situation is dire. some of the rescuers had tried to go after those other four missing miners who are believed to be more than 1,000 feet under. but, of course, the rising methane gas levels made it very, very dangerous for them. so they decided to call off the search. they had hoped that some of those missing four miners had reached these air-tight chambers that are stocked with food and oxygen where they can survive for four hours. they made it to one of those air-tight chambers. nobody was there. they couldn't make it to the second air-tight chamber because, again, those rising methane gas levels just made it very, very dangerous. so they're saying the situation is dire. mika, i couldn't hear everything about the governor was saying. he's not far from where i am. but just to sort of recap, we learned overnight 25 dead. these additional 4 sti
in west virginia to begin looking into that explosion that killed 29 coal miners but they won't be able to enter the mine right away. toxic gases have risen to deadly high levels again. all underground operations have been suspended until the mine can be properly ventilated. only a few of the 29 miners have been removed to be buried. this afternoon, at 3:30, a moment of silence held to mark one week. >>> charging customers for the carry-on bags. last week, spirit announced an increase on the bags. they asked to charge the airlines for the fee. >>> when it was all over, the green jacket went to three-time winner phil mickelson. it was a dramatic final for mickelson who topped off the win with a long embrace with his ailing wife, his wife and mother are both battling breast cancer. >> such a great story. >>> now, a look at the weather from around the nation. another stormy day out west. heavy rain for much of california. 2 feet of snow in the sierras and a foot in the rockies. heavy rain in the dakotas, minnesota and withes with and some isolated thunderstorms across texas and south flori
is inside standing in for ann. >>> coming up this half-hour, much more from west virginia. as you know now, rescuers have gotten into that mine after toxic gas levels have diminished. they are looking for those four missing miners after that explosion earlier in the week. we're going to have the latest from the scene and we'll have an interview for you in this half-hour with a man and his wife. this is a miner who escaped injury in that explosion. however, we should tell you he lost his son, his brother, and his nephew in that disaster. it is a very emotional interview. we'll be playing it for you in a couple of minutes. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those people there. >>> also, tiger woods makes it officials today at the masters, teeing off for the first competitive golf tournament since the sex scandal broke in november. there's also a lot of buzz around -- i know you've both seen this new nike ad, a stoic picture of tiger with his late father, earl's voice, in the background. people talking about whether fans will like this ad or whether it is in bad taste. >> donny deutsch call
explosion in a west virginia coal mine. officials say levels of gases have dropped enough to resume the seven now but they have acknowledged it is unlikely the four missing men are still alive. nbc's brian mooar joins us from naoma, west virginia, with the latest. how are those rescue efforts going? >> well, savannah, they're proceeding at least today. these rescue workers went in a little after midnight and supposedly been making some progress. we'll get an update in half appear hour, what they found at this point. yesterday was a day of disappointment when they got within 500 feet of place they believe these missing miners might have bunkered down if they were able to survive this blast, that's considered unlikely, and time is running out today, because if they were in that shelter area, oxygen would be running out. meanwhile, nbc news has learned this upper big branch mine has been cited a startling number of times in the last decade. this information hasn't been made public yet but has been provided to lawmakers who are learning this mine was cited 61 times in the past 15 months
a preliminary briefing today on the west virginia coal mine explosion that killed 29 miners. inspections of over 200 mines in west virginia have been ordered by governor joe manchin. he wants miners to help with the safety inspections. and he wants to honor the victims of the april 5th accident by pausing mine production tomorrow. >>> democrats and republicans are squaring off over the president's new plan to protect taxpayers in the case of another major bank failure. after talks in the white house, republicans ripped into the bill, saying it would protect big banks, hurt small banks and guarantee more taxpayers footing of the bill. >> an unfettered market, where people are taking huge risks and expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour is simply not acceptable. >> it's a bill that actually guarantees future bailouts of wall street banks. >> to bailout or not to bailout. >> the new season of bailouts. >> back door bailouts. >> the bill could make its way to the senate floor as early as next week. so, how would it keep an eye on banks and help protect taxpayers? here's our jon kar
this morning, thank you. >> other news now. another setback today in west virginia at the site that have deadly mine explosion. rescue teams had to be pulled out of the upper big brank mine for a third time in morning after discovering signs of smoke and fire. brian mooar is in west virginia this morning. everybody is talking about hope. the rescue workers are saying it's still a rescue but this cannot be good news for them. >> absolutely not, savannah. the last thin ray of hope they had dimmed significantly this morning. you could really see it on the face of governor joe manchin as he announce that had rescue workers were retreating for the third time since monday, that they were being chased out this time by smoke and the possibility of a buildup of explosive gases. they really had one last place to check. they checked one of these rescue chambers, found out it was not deployed and had one more to check and were making progress toward it when they had to finally turn back around. at this point, they are out of the mine trying to pump in nitrogen gas to bring that combustible atmosphere back
the west virginia miners. a number more to come over the next week. >>> a ceremony offering the late president of polan is going on right u president lec lech kaczynski. >> the polish people are pausing for two minutes of silence as well. poland's first lady and several other government and military leaders died in the crash. nick robertson is there with more on the crash investigation. >> i'm about half a mile from the runway here in this direction through the trees here. a look down here. debris twisted and torn apart. up here across the road, take a look. this is the direction the plane was coming in over this way. this is where it begins to hit the top os it have krees again. you begin to see all the the pieces of broken wood as the plane comes down. already some flowers being laid here. already people reported picking through it. but, again just follow me up here. and you begin to see the scale and the force with which the plane hit the trees. some of the most influential people were on the plane. the first lady was traveling with her husband, maria kaczynska. the deputy foreign
morganitate over virginia. they got it right in the end year they will submit my backet for me. >> they are going to boat their dad, yes . >> one more theng for you guys. >>> and can we hear go duke. >> go duke. i knew they had something special. fitzgerald and hanon and conner and gaven. thanks for being here. see you guys. believe it or not another super tuesday coming up. how the primaries could affect the november elections in a live report. >> he left hollywood for the white behite and - house . why actor cal penn is saying see you later. to 1600 pennsylvania. why is lubriderm® daily moisture a favorite among dermatologists? one reason, lubriderm® daily moisture contains the same nutrients natural found in healthy skin. lubriderm® moisture matches the moisture in your skin. kin accepts it better. absorbs it better. and has its natural balance restored for a clinically shown 24 hours. for skin that lks and feels truly comfortable. dermatologist developed lubriderm®. your moisture matched. go online to save $2 on lubriderm ® products like new intense skin repair ointmen
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
there. another pocket of rain ahead of that upper level low around areas like virginia in towards north carolina, too. the radar picture, most of the action off in the atlantic ocean. later today daytime heating. if you see any it will make things unstable so storms coming back into play. raleigh, rain showers around the state line with north carolina into virginia, and the rain itself near the beltway so we'll get some delays in the air when you get around d.c. because of the light pocket of rain moving through, also the poor visibility is definitely going to be out there, something we're watching. up to the north farther, things are okay, nice and sunny around boston. rain heads in later today, and it will be around new york so you get some delays out of that. weak impulse moving through the plains now. it is enough to generate light rain around eastern parts of nebraska and iowa, too. not a big deal. traveling by plane today world's busiest airport, check out atlanta, midtown covered up. the rain went through yesterday, the fog is up there. you'll see travel delays in atlanta for the
miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at the public service on sunday. vice president joe biden will also be there. the april blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. president obama has ordered a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> a series of unfortunate events is now police are describing the situation that led to the death of a 7-month- old baby in california. two parents left their daughter in the car after getting home saturday night. police say both adults thought another one took the infant n they went to bed. around 3:00 a.m., they slept until noon the income day. the next more than, the father left for the gym not realizing his infant was dead in the back of the car. >> both parents had seen the door to the child's room closed and had assumed the other parent put her in the crib. apparently she was a light sleeper so it wasn't their practice to go into the room so she wouldn't wake her up. >>> the u.s. department of education is repealing a policy carried over from the bush administration. it allowed schools
in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years, a hearing will be held. >>> this morning president obama meets with members with a group of ways to look to reduce the federal deficit. he hopes to forge a bipartisan consensus on ways to improve america's fiscal health. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart can go forward. the lawsuit covers more than 1 million employees and accuses the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. what's the focus today? >> well, comes right back to goldman sachs. every eye on the street is going to be on this investment bank today watching these hearings. it is not just goldman that's in focus here but the entire financial sector. we'll have to watch those stocks very carefully. the concern right here on wall street is if we do start to see significant financial reform -- and there is political pressure mounting to that -- no doubt, what will that mean for bank ea
begins at 6:00 eastern time with butler taking on michigan state followed by west virginia versus duke. two of those teams will play for the championship on monday night. >>> when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and holding court. president obama talks health care and hoops with our own harry smith. ♪ ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k® low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola... and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k® low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. [ slap! ] -[ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] -ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums >>> here's a look at today's w
west virginia missing coal miners were found dead bringing the total killed in monday's explosion to 29. the latest on the tragedy straight ahead. >> sarpalin firing back at president obama again, this time over his experience. >> now, the president with all of the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer. >> that is just a taste of what she said and brought the crowd to their feet. the slogan. saturday morning and the weekend has begun and tune to to "fox and friends" enjoying all of the fun. the show starts now. >> we have breaking news to start with. a fox news alert. tragedy out of russia. the president of poland has crashed and all people on board were killed. 132 people were dead. joining us is mata mat day with global radio news. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us? >> the president of poland and his wife have died along with scores of others in a plane crash in western russia. the president was traveling to russia when he was killed . it just ended in a complete tragedy. poland is a stuned nation at the moment. >> was it a government plane. >>
. and unfortunately there's no better news to bring you regarding those four missing miners in west virginia since you got back from there, harry. >> we spoke with the governor late yesterday before we came home, and they don't really think they're going to get down in there until sometime much later today. >> well, let's bring you up to date on the rescue efforts. it is a race against time this morning to try to find those four miners after monday's deadly explosion. cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod is at the scene this morning where the governor has just wrapped up a news conference. good morning, jim. >> reporter: well, good morning, maggie. and emergency workers right now, who are drilling into this mine to try to vent toxic gas and allow rescue workers inside, have now punched through on one of three holes that they need to get through to do that. they'll try to punch through on two and three by early this afternoon, and at that point make the determination, if it's now safe enough to, indeed, allow those rescue workers in. in an early morning news conference, officials provided the la
, virginia. >>> a man went from minimum wage to a multimillionaire overnight. 29-year-old chris shaw won this week's power ball lottery jackpot worth a whopping $258 million. he purchased the winning ticket at the convenience store where he works as a clerk. yesterday shaw, who until recently had only $29 in his bank account, said he planned to use his winnings to take care of business. >> pay off some debts first, you know. that's the first thing 37 got some electric bill and gas bill and stuff like that to pay for. i'm just a regular guy, work paycheck to paycheck. >> shaw is also considering buying a new hot rod, boat and taking his three children and his girlfriend's into childrtwoo disney world. >>> this morning on "the early show," a live interview with chris shaw. i'm emily smith. and tortilla strips. h, add grilled chicken, and finish it with crispy quesadilla wedges. the quesadilla explosion salad is part of our entree plus an appetizer pairings for $9.99. pick one of our 16 entrees, like baby-back ribs or honey chipotle chicken crispers. then choose an appetizer -- all for just
. the outer loop in virginia is the worst on the beltway. there is a truck with a flat tire at telegraph road and the delays are extensive, at least a 40 minute ride. we will see if we compete for one of the cameras. it is clearing out at washington boulevard. it is difficult to see the traffic signal ahead for it in maryland, there is a clear camera at the american legion bridge. >>> let me put this into motion downtown across the city and you can't see much in the beginning from but you can see the washington monument and temperatures are in the low 50's right now. the fog advisory has been dropped. it still remains in effect until 9:00. we will have a late date isolated storms as a possibility. 72 degrees this afternoon. >>> tight budget could have a major impact on roads. transportation leaders said several projects may be canceled or delayed. that include the widening of rte. 7 in virginia and turning lanes on route 1. upgrades to columbia pike may be scrapped as well. we will be back with another update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8 >>
and there is a risk, however, of more severe weather there today. >>> and when a virginia woman made a $425 deposit to her bank account this week she was shocked to learn that the bank teller entered her 10-digit account number as the amount she was depositing. the bank has since fixed the $40 million mistake. just for a few moments she was a millionaire. 7:11. back to matt, meredith and al. >> ann, thank you very much. >>> mr. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. >>> if airline passengers like it or not, we've grown accustomed to it but passengers now pay $3 to $9 for a mid-flight treat. $15 on air tran for a checked bag. $25 for a second checked bag on alaska air. if you want to snuggle up with a pillow on american, that will cost $8. but when spirit airlines announced its plan to charge up to $45 for carry-on bags, a lot of travelers were outraged and are now saying enough is enough. ben baldanza is spirit's president and ceo, he joins us exclusively with new york senator chuck schumer who is leading the charge against the fee. gentlemen, good morning to both of you.
's lived in and the rest he traveled to with his wife virginia who passed away seven years ago. don says if they didn't find a choir rehearsal to sit in on. >> i would just sit in the congregation and sing the harmony, whatever hymns we were singing and people around me would join me and come around and say oh, you ought to sing in the choir. >> music minister don sedgwick calls don a gentle soul and a great teacher of patience, of perseverance and of not taking yourself too seriously. >> he comes in, contributes what he can and lets that be enough and i think that's a great lesson. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i don't sing the notes that are written, but i make up my own harmony sometimes, and i know tom hears it, but he just smeels at me. >> you've been in so many choirs. what do you get out of singing? >> just a joy and the satisfaction of singing along. i just enjoy -- you know, i've been in church all my life, and i just i guess my way of praising god for a wonderful life. >> at 90, it's a little harder now for don to get around. he decided a few months back that easter would be his final perform
the end of the month. well, for example, one couple from virginia was in europe. what was supposed to be just a few days, but now that's turned into two weeks. >> our flight tomorrow was canceled. >> oh. >> so because the stuff in the air is just too dangerous. >> i am just dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy's ever done. you guys are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. >> love you, too. >> you're just so loved and being taken care of there. >> aw, see those little faces looking at their mom and dad on skype. well, the weather is constantly changing the amount of ash that's concentrated over europe's flight paths. let's go to meteorologist bonnie schneider in for bob this morning for a little more on that angle of the story. what do you think? >> robin, i think that it looks better today than it did saturday and sunday. here's why. looking at our flight explorer across much of europe, what you're seeing are these blue xs. that's where we have transponders not picking up any activity. where you see the yellow planes, that's where we are seeing activ
the virginia gold cup races on saturday. should be good weather for that here. we are starting off cool and fresh with sunshine and near 50 in washington. 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. highs should be near 80 and partly cloudy into the mid 80s and warm and humid on sunday. we could get thunderstorms and a slight risk that could be severe sunday late afternoon and evening. lingering showers drying out >> suddenly the favorite is looking like devil may care. how fitting. i can now throw to meredith. >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to florida and the bombshell dropped by governor charlie crist. on thursday the life-long republican announced he's leaving the gop to run independently for the u.s. senate. his decision comes just months after being ripped by fellow conservatives over an embrace with president obama and effectively makes former florida house speaker marco rubio the republican nominee. first we are joined exclusively by governor crist. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> great to be with you. explain this to me. a few weeks ago you put out a st
will take into a live picture of 95 virginia. the left side is northbound in a dull life out of millington often on to the pentagon. >>> outside, look at the more moderate rain through culpeper and fredericksburg coming up towards warrenton and up toward stafford county. the rain is like in a major around the metro area. the temperature is around 50. we will be envelope 60's today and brown 52 night and warmer tomorrow friday looks good but the weekend will be wet with often on chatters -- showers for saturday and the beginning of next week. >>> it could cost you more to fill up your gas tank. councilman jim graham wants to increase the gas tax by 10 cents per gallon to help fund metro. it calls for a gas tax increase in areas of maryland and virginia within the authority of the washington metropolitan transit authority. the surcharge would require full state and congressional approval. we will be back with another update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8 ♪ >>> well, she may be america's most talked-about mom. now, after weeks of strong fan
were damaged by the falling debris. >>> take a look at this. a fire in norfolk virginia that we told you about on good morning maryland yesterday. crews rescued two people. no reports of injuries. no word on what caused the fire. >>> today the national coalition of latino clergy and christian leaders plan to file a lawsuit in phoenix. other hispanic and civil rights groups are planning lawsuits to be filed today. >>> these days you have to keep your eyes on your children, no doubt, at all times. >> how a father's life changed in an instant after what two crooks decided to do at the atm. >> we need to find out whether or not this is something that looks bad or is bad. >> the police officer who is more concerned about getting zzzz in and why he dozed off. >> i'm up and at the gym before he goes to work. >> this week's brickover challenge. >> temperature-wise this morning, it is a big chill across the state. around 40 degrees. many spots in the 30s. winds are light but it's still going to be a very cool start out there under a very clear sky. sunshine later warming up. wales have all th
grader? well, it would and that's what's happening in the state of virginia, required by law. they have to put together a gun safety curriculum for public elementary schools and that is incorporates guidelines from the n.r.a. themselves. >> i can imagine that some parents are not too keen on, although some parents might really like the idea, but some parents, i'm sure are up in arms. >> get it? >> about it. >> that was a good one. >> some are arguing-- >> you stole that from the prompter here. >> some are saying we've seen an increase in violence in the schools and better to have kids equipped for this and protection, others say it's ridiculous, having kids learn about guns in the system. and that adds to the problem having the kids learn about this at an early age. >> they have mcgruff and-- >> they're clear ap the n.r.a., they haven't come up with the curriculum and eddie the eagle, on the web, they teach if you see a gun, stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult. these are in fact good things for your children to learn, so it's not necessarily here is a gun, here is how to sh
home state of virginia, setting up a legal dispute that has yet to be resolved. >>> john wyatt, and his attorney, stanton phillips, join us live from washington. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. john, you have never held your little baby. you've only seen pictures of her. is that right? >> that's correct. i have only seen pictures of her. never seen her before. >> colleen, the mother, was 19 when she became pregnant. you were 20 at the time. you're now 21. tell us your relationship during the pregnancy. and did you ever talk about raising the baby together? >> i mean, i talked about raising the baby every time i saw her. to me, there was never really an option. i always wanted to raise my daughter. i never knew it was a daughter. but i knew i wanted to raise my child. i'd do anything to be there for my child. i know what it's like to grow up without a father. that's why it's so important for me to be there for my children. >> i know you said you were 10 years old when you lost your father. you're very clear that you wanted to raise the child. what about colleen? what was she
. alina cho went to virginia speaking with an adoptive family saying a russian orphanage misled them. >> it's because of that tennessee case they are speaking out. when they adopted their son roman from russia, he was just shy of 2 years old and seemingly healthy, or at least they say that's what they were told by the adoption agency that handled the case. it turns out roman is severely ill, even violent. they don't want to send roman back to russia, but they are suing the adoption agency, saying they were lied to and deceived. >> reporter: the harshaw home is quieter, roman, now 8, was cents away to an institution a little more than two weeks ago where he's getting help for his violent behalf yor. >> i felt like the worst mom in the world. how could i let my baby go there without us tucking him in? it was really hard and it still is. >> reporter: they adopted roman from russia six years ago. he arrived looking picture perfect. soon after he began acting out. >> he can be hugging you and telling you i love you one second, then the next second he is completely lost in a rage. >> repor
. >>> the only number one seed left in the tournament is duke. duke gets west virginia in the later game. we saw coach k. there. the final four, these are our staff picks. by staff, i mean, a couple people sitting around this morning at 3:00. >> oh, cool. >> wie got butler -- >> that's just you, right? >> me and jen and casey. like three people. >> oh, sweet. >> butler beating -- >> very scientific. >> it is. and duke -- west virginia, perhaps, the sent mental favorite among many americans against duke. >> my assistant from west virginia and she is just ecstatic. >> the winner, we went with our hearts on this one, the hometown favorite, butler bulldogs. it's not anything against duke. all you duke fans can relax. i understand, chris, we're getting some really long e-mails from duke fans. >> what? >> usually the nasty e-mails are one or two lines. look at how long this person's e-mail is. this is literally -- >> that's bold. >> and they attack me and pete. but the part i'm going to read is about willie. you failed to do your job properly and offer objectivity and balance. it's way too late for yo
. then a third trial begins next month in the state of virginia for matthew mccabe, he faces the most serious charge, accused of roughing up the suspect, then lying about it. the detainee was the suspected mastermind of the murder-mutilation of four american contractors in fallujah. steve centanni is back on the story again today, live in washington. the latest about this trial is what today, steve, what can we expect? >> reporter: well, it is the second navy seal as you said, petty officer second class jonathan keefe of new yorktown, virginia, going on trial today. like the others he pleaded not guilty to the charges of dereliction of duty. well, the one charge against him. and in this case, that means he failed to protect the prisoner in his custody. keefe at first wanted a jury trial, but he's changed his mind on that and now his case will be heard only by a military judge and the case will be decided solely by that judge. keefe appeared in court wearing his navy uniform, seated between two attorneys, one civilian, one military. and he heard the testimony against him, including once again
else. a new law will require virginia schools to teach gun safety rules to elementary students and as you might expect, this has got folks fired up! meet eddie eagle, the nra's mascot and he'll offer his thoughts on gun safety to schoolkids. is this a job for the school system? that is our fair and balanced debate, laurie haas is a parent whose daughter is a survivor of the virginia tech massacre in 200 7 and is a spokesperson for the virginia center for public safety and alexa frist is a spokeswoman for the nra, welcome, ladies, good to have you with us today. laura, let me address this first, one might think given your daughter's experience you would want kids to learn as much as they could, about being safe with guns, and that even school might be a good place for that. why not? >> i don't think schools are a good place for that at all. i think it is a parental choice, and, schools have no business, being in the firearm safety education business, and, mandating new curriculum to the state board of education, while simultaneously pulling funding is unacceptable. virginia's le
to established a memorial service for the miners killed in that west virginia mine explosion. ♪ this little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine ♪ >> the president met with families of the 29 victims. a senate hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. the president told the miners' peoples that he would work for a safer mining work environment. >> we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they are with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. to do what we must do individually and collectively to assure safe conditions underground. >> and before he ended his brief vacation in north carolina, the president visited for the first time with 91-year-old evangelist billy graham. >>> a california girl's hope of being the youngest to sail sea low around the world is over. she had to bring her boat into south africa for repairs on the autopilot. she started her trip three months ago. she still plans to complete the voyage. now back to dave price in yazoo city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it really is >> reporter: so keep in mind, florida, yo
-martial here. his court-martial will be in norfolk, virginia on may 6th. nonetheless, this is a case that has galvanized the military. there's a lot of stuff online and facebook pages and hundreds of thousands of people saying it is very odd this is going on. they don't understand why these troops have been charged with these crimes. >> we can never forget those pictures of seeing our guys brutally murdered and then hanging there on the bridge. i'll never forget that picture on the front page of the new york times and bottom line, whether this guy that was in court saying that he was interrogated and beaten up, we still don't know for sure if he was the one that orchestrated those killings and the hangings of those dead bodies. we're still looking for who did it for sure, correct? >> reporter: absolutely. as you said, this was a turning point in the war here that showed how fierce the insurgency was. you saw those pictures and it shocked the world and it shocked american officials and it started the offense that happened in fallujah in late 2004. it was the turning point that caused that, but
to the memorial service for the miners that died a couple of weeks ago in west virginia and he also paid a last minute visit to billy graham. this timing was incredibly important because as you recall last week, we were discussing how franklin graham, the son of billy graham was suddenly not allowed to speak on the national day of prayer coming up. he was disinvited by the army and the pentagon by some remarks he had made post 9/11 about the religion of islam. we have the president meeting with his father. >> created by franklin. >> one of the reporters asked, i think bill burton before the visit, isn't that going to be kind of weird with franklin graham there having been disinvited by the pentagon talking to the president? and i think bill burton's answer was, well, we'll see. the understatement of the year. apparently, no shabbiness has been released to the public. billy graham did release this visit on the president's trip down there. he said i'm pleased to have president obama in my home this afternoon. he requested a meeting since he was spending the weekend in nearby asheville. my son fra
states all the way from just south of pennsylvania through much of west virginia and virginia down through florida and back through -- as you can see, the peidmont area. widely scattered showers across the central plains and ought west as well. we have a lot of 40's in the northern plains. it's freezing right now in caribou, maine. we have 50's up and down the eastern seaboard. then it picks up in the 60's. right now, 68 in tampa. later on today, it's going to warm up a lot through portions of texas, they'll be in the 80's, approaching 90's in some spots. 60's throughout the northeast with the exception of new england which is going to cling to the 50's. 67 today in raleigh. it's going to be 79 beautiful degrees in memphis and 72 in kansas city. and you're currently up to date in kansas city and with the weather and now it's time for the sports. >> all right, nba playoffs continue last night. one of the most intriguing matchups, the lakers playing the oklahoma thunder. they're a good team now, real talented team, maybe tomorrow's team. see how it went. with time running down, laker
of virginia will be talking about their plans. it could happen this week and that, of course, requires one of those important republican crossovers to get it even to the floor of the senate to reach that will 60 to bring it to the floor. chuck, savannah. >> kelly o'donnell on the hill for us this morning. >> the future financial reform may hinge on this s.e.c. and its fraud suit against goldman sachs. the firm is trying to fight back hoping it doesn't become a political pinata. john harwood joins us. john, obviously the white house believes this goldman decision this s.e.c. decision, gives them a huge talking point to push hard now. how is golden fighting back. >> trying to say they're going to fight these charges that, there were two sides to the transaction. they structured these deals. yes, john paulson, the head fund manager helped them identify the securities that were going to be part of this package but it takes two to tango. you've got to have a buyer as well as a seller. that's what they did. >> i think it's interesting to see how this has already been used to political advantage.
inside. >>> good morning, everyone. officials in west virginia say the bodies of all 29 miners killed last week have now been recovered. the last nine were removed from the mines this morning. the recovery now allows investigators to go inside to try to find out what set off the explosion leading to the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. >>> president obama's hailing progress made at the two-day nuclear summit that wraps up today in washington. china agreed to join talks on possible sanctions against iran and ukraine said it would rid itself of nuclear material left over from the soviet era. leaders from 47 nations are pledging to work together to keep terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons. >>> the bodies of poland's first lady and president now lie in state at the presidential palace in warsaw. a plane crash saturday killed dozens of prominent polish officials. a funeral is planned for this weekend for the presidential couple. russian investigators have ruled out mechanical failure as the cause of the crash. >>> 20 people were injured this morning when their plane skidde
virginia does. there'll be delays. pay attention. visibility less than an 8th of a mile. eastern shore, you still have fog even though you're not underneath an advisory. we have a temperature of 70 degrees in the outlook for this afternoon. it'll
of the hour. this is a fox news alert. we know you want to know about this. rescue crews enter a west virginia coal mine to search for four missing miners. toxic gases cleared up enough this morning to start the operation. monday's explosion killed 25 at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. >> at 4:55 this morning, we had four crews go in. 32 of our brave rescuers are in the mines right now. they are advancing. >> that's the governor that's been there around the clock. rescue plan involves six different teams venturing five miles into the mine where officials hope the missing miners made it to a refuge chamber. in these refuge chambers, they had four days worth of oxygen. officials add that hope of finding survivors right now is low. >> ok. to war now. taliban releases the video of a man identified as an american soldier captured last june and in the video, the private first class soldier says he wants to return to his family in idaho. it is the first time he's been seen since the taliban released a video of him on christmas. there's no way to know if he's alive. he's seen there with
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